Textile factory

Natural wool

The company's priority is the use of natural raw materials and high quality products.

Modern production

Our enterprise is equipped with modern high-tech textile equipment of leading world manufacturers, which guarantees the consumer the quality of our products.

High quality fur coat

The company produces coat fabrics, which have proven themselves throughout the world as a standard of unchanging quality. A wide range of products is constantly replenished with new samples.

factory news

We are the only ones who produce unleaded plaids in Ukraine

“Boucle” comes from the French words boucle – curl or bouclette – ringlet. Boucle blankets with intricate surface relief from numerous knots resembling a small scrawl, the material is strikingly elastic and light. A bit of history – textured boucle weaving appeared in the middle of the last century. Famous fashion designers paid attention to […]

Merino and Crossbred make our blankets more nicer and warmer

Different types of wool have distinctive features. And all thanks to the habitat of the animal from which they collect wool. The higher the animal lives, the warmer its wool. Merino is a breed of sheep with a uniform thin coat. The peculiarity of this wool is thin, longer curly hair. Due to the natural […]

Manufacture of blankets and blankets

We have expanded the scope of production, and we are pleased to announce that have launched a production line for blankets. </ p>

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