Merino and Crossbred make our blankets more nicer and warmer

Different types of wool have distinctive features. And all thanks to the habitat of the animal from which they collect wool. The higher the animal lives, the warmer its wool.
Merino is a breed of sheep with a uniform thin coat. The peculiarity of this wool is thin, longer curly hair. Due to the natural curl, it is especially resilient – it allows the products to retain their original appearance for a long time. The merits of merino wool can also be attributed to the elasticity and elasticity of the fleece, so the material from merino wool for a long time remains bulky and holds air gaps between the fibers. This allows wool to provide good thermal protection against the penetration of cold or heat.

Crossbred –  obtained by crossing the English meat-wool and fine-woolly merino sheep breeds. As a result, the wool obtained from sheep of Crossbred breeds has all the qualities inherent in both breeds: the length of the wool fibers provides the strength of the web, and the wavy structure of the merino breed holds more air between the fibers. Its fibers contain millions of air cushions that help preserve body heat, both in the cold and in the heat. The ability to absorb moisture up to 33% of its own weight allows the body to remain in dry heat under all conditions. This is the most valuable wool. Hair thickness is 17 microns. For comparison, human hair has a thickness of 500 – 800 microns. Unlike merino wool, cross-delirium wool has a less pronounced smell of lanolin and a whiter color.

Merino is used by us for the manufacture of such models as Premiere, Tornado, Milena, Fiji, Phoenix, we added crossbred wool in the blanket Baritone .

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