We are the only ones who produce unleaded plaids in Ukraine

“Boucle” comes from the French words boucle - curl or bouclette - ringlet. Boucle blankets with intricate surface relief from numerous knots resembling a small scrawl, the material is strikingly elastic and light.

A bit of history - textured boucle weaving appeared in the middle of the last century. Famous fashion designers paid attention to him. She became the favorite fabric of the great Coco Chanel, extravagant Jacques Heim and exquisite Maggie Ruff. In the 1960s, the standard of classics became the boucle suits of skirts and jackets. Today, not only the fabric has rapidly won the world's leading catwalks, but also the boucle blankets are popular in modern interiors.

Our factory is the only one in Ukraine who manufactures boucle blankets; in the catalog there are 3 delightful models of boucle blankets.

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